Fast Action is Key When it Comes to Repairing Your Home

There’s a reason John Ullrich and company are always available to take your call. At Ullrich Home Restoration, technicians know emergencies don’t always happen during working hours and that when you need water damage restoration, you usually need it fast. If you’re dealing with the unintended consequences of water damage, fire issues or even mold inside your home or office, calling Ullrich Home Restoration right away may be the key to saving your property. The faster you act, the less time damage has to spread throughout your property, and the quicker cleanup will be. It all begins with a free onsite estimate. Call Ullrich Restoration LLC right now to get started!

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Water damage can mean disaster for your home

Water damage isn’t just traumatic, it can mean a complete remodel of your home if not treated right away. Ullrich Home Restoration knows that a few hours can be the difference between cleaning up the mess with a simple water damage restoration and ripping out walls and flooring. That’s why its technicians are available 24 hours a day to take your call and head to your home.

Water is a far more dangerous element than most people think. Not only can moisture ruin your home’s structural integrity, it can also make you sick! Here are a few of the worst after-effects of untreated water damage:

  • Mold spores begin to multiply, and walls must be removed to get rid of the toxic mildew.
  • Foundations and/or concrete subflooring may crack due to prolonged moisture exposure.
  • Upholstery and furniture may be irreparably damaged by creeping water.
  • Water can affect the electrical systems in the walls of your home.


Don’t let flooding close the doors of your business or keep you out of your home. Call Ullrich Home Restoration the second you think you require water damage services and get the kind of help you need. Whether your flood was caused by a storm, plumbing problem or human error, Ullrich can help!

John Ullrich, mold specialist

Ullrich Home Restoration specializes in dealing with the problems caused by mold. If you’ve noticed a damp, musty smell in your home or crawlspace you may be dealing with untreated mold problems from improperly done water damage restoration work.

Not only does mold hurt the resale value of your home and slowly degrade the quality of your structure over time, it can also cause respiratory problems in the elderly and in children. Call Ullrich Home Restoration right now to ensure you’re not dealing with extensive toxic mold in your home or office.

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Don’t wait another minute to bring in professional water damage restoration help  if you’re handling water, fire, mold, or sewage inside your home. Particularly if you own a commercial structure, the cleanup process must be done according to certain regulatory standards or you may face fines.

Ullrich Home Restoration LLC is your partner when it comes to complete home restoration after a devastating disaster or simply when it’s time for some updating. The best time to deal with damage is before it ever happens, and John Ullrich has been providing home and business owners with the best advice and comprehensive solutions for years. All work is guaranteed for a year.

Call now to find out your options from a licensed Ullrich Home Restoration technician, and get emergency help as soon as you need it!

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