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Whether your home is underwater, your business damaged by a fire or your basement inundated with mold, you need professional help fast. That’s why United Water Restoration Group answers the phones 24/7 and is available to dispatch a team to your property right now! There’s no time to waste when dealing with a home disaster, and you'll get a free onsite estimate of the repairs you need. That's good, because the longer you wait to begin water damage restoration and other services, the worse off your structure can be. Mold, water damage, fire and smoke don’t stand a chance against the highly trained staff at United Water Restoration. Call now and get started!

The cumulative effects of water damage

Water is a progressive danger to your home, which means it gets worse the longer it’s allowed to continue. The pros at United Water Restoration Group Inc. stand out from other water damage companies because they have the latest equipment and are trained specifically to dry out your home in the least amount of time possible. Every hour counts.

Here are just a few of the adverse effects your home may experience if water damage is left untreated for any length of time:

  • Fabric and upholstery may become damaged and/or moldy.
  • Cabinets and drawers may begin to warp and bloat.
  • Drywall and plaster can start to disintegrate and flake off.
  • Floors can warp and crack as moisture seeps deeper into subflooring.


The good news is that floods don’t have to ruin your home! If treated quickly by the team at United Water Restoration Group, your structure may not face any of these problematic issues. Timing is key when it comes to a successful water damage restoration. Call now to get started!

What causes water damage?

Most water damage is actually caused by small leaks or pipe problems that may go without notice for extended periods of time. Flooding is more dramatic, but it’s often the unseen water issues that cause the most damage, and you may be surprised just how much water your home’s surfaces can absorb. If you suspect hidden water damage occurring in your home (persistent dripping sounds, unexplained mold, etc.), call United Water Restoration Group right away to find out the next steps.

Mold, fire and smoke repair from United

Oftentimes,  other types of damage come with water damage. In the event of sprinkler-caused water problems, fire and smoke damage can also be a problem and must be dealt with quickly. And in cases of hidden water damage, mold is almost always a factor. Bottom line: Every water damage restoration is different.

Here are some reasons you may need water damage services:

  • Smoke smells are difficult to remove from walls and carpet.
  • Fire damage may render a structure unsafe until repaired.
  • Mold can actually make you sick and lead to mildew odors.

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No matter what kind of issues your home’s experiencing, the United Water Restoration Group emergency team can help. It can be at your home quickly to assess the damage and get to work drawing up a water damage restoration plan that works for you.

United Water works with insurance providers and can help file your home insurance claim. Never delay bringing in professionals because you’re worried about your coverage. United will help you throughout the process and can address insurance-related questions, too.

When you need friendly, fast service from a reliable water damage restoration provider, trust in United Water Restoration Group Inc. It's always ready to hear from you!

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