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Few things are more overwhelming than a room full of water or its consequences. Whether you’re dealing with flood, fire damage or a hazardous mold situation, bring Valleywide Restoration in to clean up the mess! The company's specially trained staff and modern equipment are exactly what you need to get back to normal, fast. Everything begins with a free onsite estimate. The sooner you let Valleywide get started on your water damage restoration plan, the happier you’ll be with the final results. Don’t waste another minute – call Valleywide Restoration right now!

Why call Valleywide for your flood?


In a typical flood, water spreads out through to the path of least resistance, usually traveling downwards through ceilings, floors and walls. Valleywide Restoration knows exactly how to remove excess moisture from your home while maintaining humidity equilibrium, which is essential for salvaging your belongings. All its water damage restoration services are guaranteed for a year.

When you experience a home or commercial flood, remember not to panic. Careful, planned water damage services can help you save your things and restore your home – but be sure to call Valleywide Restoration right away! Here's what will happen when you do:

  • Valleywide technicians will get started quickly extracting standing water.
  • Structural drying, using high-tech fans, will be put in place.
  • Contents pack-out service is available to safely store and remove your belongings.

Your floors and walls are particularly susceptible to water damage. Drywall left to sit in water can crumble and flake off, and flooring may warp or even crack after exposure to moisture. Don't fumble through a list of water damage companies; call Valleywide Restoration immediately to remedy the worst of your water problems!

Don’t let storm damage keep you down

Strong storms are the beginning of many water damage restoration cases. Soaking the home is one thing, but storms can cause all kinds of home repair issues that need immediate attention from the trained service professionals at Valleywide Restoration.

Your local Valleywide technicians can treat everything from a damaged roof to a blown out window in record time. After a storm, cleaning up quickly is important to help prevent your interior from taking on additional moisture or damage. That’s why Valleywide is available 24 hours a day. Storms simply aren’t predictable!

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Mold in your home can be dangerous

Have you noticed a strong mildew odor in your home that gets worse when it rains? What about brown, green, or black splotches on the walls or floors that can’t be explained? Has your family suddenly started experiencing respiratory issues that don’t seem to have a cause? If any of these are true, you may have a serious problem with mold.

Mold can be found in older homes, new construction and in all kinds of places you wouldn’t expect. Mold is a symptom of moisture damage, and it’s relatively simple to treat when it's found early, but it’s extremely hazardous to your health if left to grow. Valleywide Restoration is thoroughly licensed and certified to handle your in-home mold problem efficiently because the company understands how pressing a mold problem really is.

Valleywide Restoration’s trained professionals are always on call to get to work removing and mitigating your mold. There’s no time to waste when your home is damaged, whether the issue seems minor or is more severe. Valleywide is the right choice for fast, courteous water damage services at a price you can afford! And now that Valleywide works directly with all insurance providers, you’re never far from help.

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