Water Damage Checklist

Experiencing water damage can be a traumatic event. Even the most prepared individuals can feel overwhelmed by the damage and its aftermath. Many people simply have no idea where to begin.

Here at WaterDamageRestoration.net, we want to help you find that starting point and guide you through the clean-up and restoration process as smoothly as possible. So we’ve provided you with this Water Damage Checklist. It includes important steps and valuable tips that will have you back on your feet in no time.


Water Damage Checklist:

  1. Notify all occupants of the water emergency. In the case of severe water damage, evacuate the premises through an unaffected exit, but only if the outside environment is safe.
  2. For disaster-level flooding or injuries, contact emergency authorities.
  3. Look for broken or downed power lines, sparks or flames, and notify authorities immediately. Avoid these areas.
  4. For any other water damage, contact a certified water damage restoration provider.
  5. If you can reach the main electrical switch safely, turn off all electricity.
  6. Same goes for the building’s water source. Turn it off, too, if you can.
  7. If you smell gas, leave the building immediately. Also, turn off main gas line if you’re able.
  8. Cover broken windows and clean up glass
  9. During warm weather, lower the building’s temperature, if you can, to reduce overall humidity.
  10. If conditions are safe, immediately remove all unaffected items, particularly papers and anything with soft surfaces. Pick up rugs and move clothing to higher shelves.
  11. If you move affected items, document their condition first.
  12. When documenting damaged items, take photographs, video and write down the item name and its estimated value.
  13. Isolate items with mold and keep a safe distance unless wearing protective gear.
  14. If you choose to remove heavily damaged furniture and items yourself, remember to wear rubber gloves, boots and a face mask.
  15. If you have an undamaged copy of your insurance policy, keep it with you.
  16. If you’re working with a provider from WaterDamageRestoration.net, they’ll handle the remainder of the insurance filing process for you.

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